New amended Income Tax form 16 in Excel format

New amended Income Tax form 16 in Excel format

As per the Income Tax Department’s Notification Number 11/2013 Dated 19/2/2013 the Income Tax Form 16 format have been changed, some minor modification have in this new amended Form 16 which only include the Section 80 TTA. I have attach herewith the New Modified Form 16 in Excel format and which can calculate the all of Form’s column automatically after filling required data of employee. This Excel utility can prepare more than 1000 employees Form 16 ( One by One) for the Financial Year 2012-13 and Financial Year 2013-14 also. This Utility have some special feature of Income Tax, like as a link have in this Utility for Collecting the Book Identification Number (BIN) which previously collect from the Treasury Office, but in this utility have a Online Link of NSDL where you can easily collect the BIN number on line.

This Excel Based Software can use both of Govt and Non-Govt concerned and this utility can use for the Financial Year 2012-13 and the Financial Year 2013-14 also.

Download this Utility from the Link

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