Master of Income Tax computed Sheet for 50 employees for FY 2013-14 and AY 2014-15

Indian Income Tax Calculator in Excel


Master of Automatic Income Tax Calculation Sheet with 24Q and 26Q for FY 2013-14 and Ass Yr 2014-15


For the financial year 2013-14 and Assessment Year 2014-15, have some changed in Income Tax Section and also change the Form 16 Format from the financial year 2012-13 and on wards. As per the New Finance Budget 2013 have introduce some Income Tax Section as well as the great benefits for Tax Rebate U/s 87A which Maximum Tax rebate Rs. 2,000/- who’s total Taxable Income less than 5,00,000/-. The Section 80EE have also introduce regarding the New House Building Loan Interest who have got the HBL interest after 1/4/2013 and the Maximum Limit Rs.1,00,000/- excluding the U/s 24B where the get the benefits as HBL interest Max Limit Rs. 1,50,000/-.


In this regard it necessary to calculate the Income Tax liability of an each employees Govt and Non Govt employees for the Financial Year 2013-14 and Assessment Year 2014-15.You should plan for how to relief the Tax Liability from the depositing the various invest.


Below Given Excel Based Software can prepare at a time 50 employees Tax Computed Sheet with the preparation of form 24Q and 26Q (Quarter ended) statement.


Download the utility from below:-


Master of TDS PREPRATION FY 2013-14 & AY 2014-15 WITH 24Q





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