Automatic Form 16 for Assessment Year 2014-15

The New financial year have already started and the Indian Finance Bill have also passed for the Financial Year 2013. Some of Income Tax section have comes in this new finance budget. The new Tax Rebate can availed through the new Income Tax Section 87A which can get the extra benefits Rs. 2,000/- who’s Taxable Income less than 5,00,000/-. This below given Excel Based handy Software can prepare automatic Form 16 for the Financial Year 2013-14 and Assessment Year 2014-15. This Excel Utility can use both of Concerned Govt and Non-Govt. Some of Concerned have need the Form 16 in the middle of the Financial year, when some employee leave the concerned and join to another concerned. In this regard the Form 16 have supply to the employees who working in the concerned on that period. Download this Excel Based Utility from below:- Source from


(Amended )Automatic Form 16 for FY 2013-14 & AY 2014-15


Contact Form
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