New Amended Income Tax Return Form ITR-I in Excel for Assessment Year 2013-14

The Indian Income Tax Department has already changed the Income Tax Return Form SAHAJ(ITR-I) for the financial year 2012-13 and Assessment Year 2013-14. This form which published by the Income Tax Department in PDF format. It is hazard to fill the Form in PDF as Manually, and also have some criteria for filling this ITR-I, This Form must be print in Color with Ink Jet Printer. The Below given Income Tax Return Form in Excel Format attaching herewith. This Excel Based ITR-I can fill the all column automatically as per the instruction by the Income Tax Department. After filling the one of input sheet the ITR-I can prepare automatically. This utility can use for both of Govt and Non-Govt concerned also. You can prepare limit less ITR-I in Excel Format by one this Excel Based Software.

Download the utility New 13-14 AUTOMATED SAHAJ(ITR-I) in Excel.xl


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