All in One Income Tax Preparation Excel Based Software for Central Govt employees for FY 2013-14

As per the Central Govt employees Salary Structure and the last Pay Commission the Salary of Central Govt employees far differ from other State Employees. The Central Govt Employees can get the up to date Dearness Allowances and it’s get time to time as well as two time in a Year with a Arrears of D.A.

The number of Tax payers have raising day to day as the Income of employees also raising by the getting of benefits with D.A. which given by  the Government. But the other State Govt employees( Most of State Employees have got the same as Central Employees benefits and D.A.) till waiting for Dearness Allowances and other Central Govt employee’s benefits. Most of the State Govt have no much earning source as the Central Govt, in this regard the most of State Govt have not possible to pay the more benefits to the employees. In this time most of the back word with the Dearness Allowances of West Bengal govt employees. The Bengal Govt employee now get the D.A. 52% and also the Govt has  declare the more 6% of D.A. will be paid to the employee from the January 2014. As the Bengal Govt have no much more earning source, but they try to enhance the source of income and when they can achieve their target  and get the sound financial condition, they must be given the rest benefits to the employees of Bengal.

The Income Tax Department have already mandatory to download the Form 16 Part A from the TRACES Portal ( and the Part B of Form 16 must be prepare by the Employer vide notification no 11/2013. Some of the Govt and Non Govt Concerned have get to download the Form 16 part A of their employees, but most of the concerned have not known about this new Notification, and they prepare both of Part A and B of Form 16 as previous years , as they have no knowledge “How to download the Form 16 part A from the TRACES “.

You can download the both of Form 16 Part B and also can download the Automatic Excel based Form 16 Part A&B for the Financial Year 2013-14 from the below link:- This Excel Based Software can prepare at a time your Income Tax Compute Sheet +Salary Sheet+Automatic House Rent Exemption + Form 16 Part B + Form 16 Part A&B for the Central Govt employees for the Financial Year 2013-14

(Central and State Govt employees)All in One TDS for Financial Year 2013-2014




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