What is the New Section 87A(Tax Rebate) with All in One TDS on Salary Calculator for AY 2014-15

As per the Central Finance Budget 2013, a new Income Tax Section has introduce under section 87A, where can get relief as well as Rebate Maximum Rs. 2,000/- who’s taxable income up to 5,00,000/-. For more clarification about this new section under clauses 19 & 20 of the Central Budget 2013 as given below:-

Clauses 19 & 20 of the Central Budget which have already passed by the Parliament, that

The new section 87A in the income tax Act relating to get the rebate of income tax in case of below given certain clauses :-

a)      The section 87A seeks to provide that an tax payer being an individual , whose total Taxable Income does not exceed 5,00,000/-( After deduction of U/s 10,16,80C and under chapter VI A). It is must be great opportunity to tax relief for below tax payers.

b)      This amendment will take effect from 1st April 2013 which effect for the Financial Year 2013-14 and Assessment Year 2014-15.

Here is given below a new concept Automatic Income Tax Calculator which Can prepare at a time Tax Computed Sheet + Salary Sheet + Form 16 Part A&B + Form 16 Part B + Automatic HRA relief calculation + Automatic Arrears Relief Calculation in one file. This Automatic Excel Utility can use the both of Govt and Non Govt Employees for the Financial Year 2013-14 and Assessment Year 2014-15.

Modified (Govt & Non Govt employees) All in One TDS+HRA Calculation + Arrears Relief + Form 10E + Form 16 For AY 2014-15

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