Malpractice of some Govt employees in the Agency of LICI

Trespassing of Regular Government Employees in the arena of Agency of LICI

With grave concern it is noticed that regular Government employees/Teachers of West Bengal as well as the rest of the Country are engaged in the illegal practice of working as Agent of LICI.

The Government Employees are working either on their own name or in the name of his/her family member in disguise. The real Agents who have no regular Salary Income can hardly make their both ends meet on the income of Agency Commission only.

As they have no other alternative they work hard all day long and be loyal to the mother concern i.e. LICI. They reach from the rag pickers to the shop keepers irrespective of their caste and creeds, social and economic status to motivate them to purchase LICI policy to make their family secured in their future.
( Jindegi ki Sath Vi, Jindegi ki Bad Vi i.e. within their life or beyond their life.)

The basic principle of business of LICI is Uberrima Fides ( Utmost good faith).The Agents with the flag of LICI work as a bridge between the LICI AND POLICY HOLDERS and enter in the remotest corner and collect the Policy. They play the pivotal Roll of Eyes of LICI as they have taken the profession of Agency as their life time career. Whereas the Salaried Persons or their family members are working as part time Agent with amateur attitude.

The total market of Agency of LICI in the Country though expanding is a competitive one. The Govt Employees either in their own name or in the name of their Family Member are intruding in the market of Agency is garbing the opportunities provided by the LICI and consequently the loyal and real Agents are deprived. It is unequivocally said that, according to the Rules and Regulations framed by the LICI no regular Govt employees can not take the Profession of Agency and it is simply illegal. More over according to Govt Rules, no employee or their Family Members can involve into any profession with Profit.
Hence both the Govt and the LICI should take regular vigil and take stern action against such Govt employee and their family members immediately. These part time Agent must be prohibited as they are cheating the Govt and the LICI by violating the existing Rules.

Immediate action may save lacks of Agents from starving and frustration and if they are provided with the ambiance free of such Pseudo Agents they may serve the concern in a better manner.

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