Free Download Automated Income Tax Return New Amended SAHAJ(ITR-I) in Excel Format for the Assessment Year 2014-15

As per the CBDT  Notifies Vide Notification no.24/2014 dated 1/4/2014, that the Income Tax Return Form

SAHAJ(ITR-I) for the Assessment Year 2014-15 have already published. This Form Made in the PDF Format

and also it is mandatory to Print the same in Color ( Black & White Print have not accepted).


As the previous year’s ITR-I is now modified and prepare in Excel Format where can found some New

Income Tax Section like at Tax Rebate 87A. The Acknowledgement ITR-V have also changed.


As the past few years the have prepare the ITR-I in Excel and which can

Calculate automatically your Tax as per the Form 16 which you have already got from your employer for

the Assessment Year 2014-15.


This Excel Based Software (SAHAJ(ITR-) can easy to generate and easy to make out of each employee.

Just fill the data as required in Input sheet and prepare the SAHAJ(ITR-I) will be prepare just a moment.

You can prepare more than 1000 employees ITR-I by this One Software ( One by One).

Click below link to Download the Automated SAHAJ(ITR-I) for Assessment Year 2014-15 in Excel Format.

AY 14-15 AUTOMATED SAHAJ(ITR-I) in Excel.xl

ITR-I for AY 2014-15

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