Form 12B for furnishing TDS Details to new employer by a employee joining any organation in the middle of the any Financial Year

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Form 12B is required to be furnished as per Rule 26A by a person joining any organisation in the middle of the year and is a form for furnishing the details of income earned from the previous employer. It is a form required to be submitted by the new employee to the employer and requires details like

  1. Details of your previous employer like his PAN No., TAN Number,
  2. Break up of Salary like Basic Salary + DA, Perquisites, House Rent Allowance, Leave Encasement, Leave Travel Allowance etc.( Download HRA Calculator in Excel)
  3. Deduction and accreditation with respect to Provident Fund and details of Rent Free Accommodation (if any) [Download Automated Form 16 for the Financial Year 2014-15 & Ass Year 2015-16]
  4. Deductions if any under Section 80C, Section 80G, Section 80E, Section 80D, Section 24
  5. TDS on Salary deducted by the previous employer
  6. Professional Tax (if any) paid by the employee [ Click here to Download Tax Calculator for Non-Govt employees financial year 2014-15…

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